87S is a creative-collaborative, we work with brands and individuals who are focused on making things with consideration. From collaborating on our first exhibition in 2016 to now—87S’ purpose remains the same. In 2023 and beyond we will be funding creatives & brands in early-stage whilst also supporting individual creatives to realise ambitious film, media, technology, art & music projects.

Henry Moller, born London, UK, has a 15 year history in running and operating music and talent management companies. Beginning his career in events, Henry and his early co-founders led their first business to operating across the world welcoming over 100,000 guests and booking over 1,000 acts in their first 3 years of operation. This eventually led to the launch of his co-founded management company ADMG, which continues to manage talent and brands across music and social.

He since founded 87S with the purpose to offer overarching support for creative comapnies and individuals.

Jyoty Singh, Noor Abdulbaqi
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